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alicedean music
alicedean "beautiful theif" is a 7 song EP recorded in Seattle late 2008.   Beautiful thief was mastered at Jupiter Studios by Martin Feveyear.  Paul Hutzler and Patrice are joined by Jody Schaible and Zach Erb creating haunting and beautiful music. 
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alicedean "eve of the golden calf", was recorded in 2005 at Talking Dolphin Records and recording studio on The Big Island of Hawaii.   Thank you Jay Neuman, Garrit Bosco, Psycho, Jest Neumann, Thumper, Sky Lee, Yonika Gambone, and Patrice Tullai.
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 "frownland", was recorded in two sessions (at the beginning of the 21st century), both at the "Electric Eel" (a Seattle legend), produced by Zach Landsdown.  The group consisted of several members of  Pretty Mary Sunshine of A&M Records.  Thank you Pam Barger, Paul Hutzler, Sean Wheatley, Kurt Elzner, and Patrice Tullai.
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"pretty mary sunshine", "bird medicine", remixed tracks recorded at A&M Records in Hollywood in the Winter of 1994.   This is a rare cd available in digital format at
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